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      Mak brand planning believes that the establishment of brand is a competitive strategy, in order to prevent other people's products to replace their products, enterprises will try their best to establish their own brands, in order to better control t...
      Mak brand planning believes that the establishment of brand is a competitive strategy, in order to prevent other people's products to replace their products, enterprises will try their best to establish their own brands, in order to better control the market. It can be said that the emergence of brand is the result of competition. Brands, like animals and plants, also undergo a process of birth, growth, maturity, and decline. The change regularity of the driver and other animal life, from birth, growth to maturity, finally to decline. Brand life cycle is the brand's market life. Products through research and development, test marketing, and then enter the market, and gradually formed a certain influence, resulting in a brand. Then, on this basis, step by step growth, until the end product falls out of favor in the market, the brand no longer has influence.
      Brand life cycle refers to the market life cycle of brand. It includes five stages: incubation period, immature period, growing period, mature stage and declining stage.
      The incubation period of a brand refers to the process in which the brand enters the market with the product or the enterprise and is perceived by the overwhelming majority of the target market consumers;
      The immature period of a brand means that the brand has been generally recognized and understood by the target market consumers, but it has not yet been recognized by most of the target market consumers;
      Brand growth period refers to a certain amount of consumers' consumption has been represented in the familiar brand products are satisfied, or understand the brand through other ways, so as to have a sense of identity and a sense of trust in the brand, this sense of identity and sense of trust propagation through a certain way and eventually become social diffusion. Consensus;
      Refers to the maintenance of the mature brand with high visibility of the brand, and with the change of internal and external environment and constantly improve its good brand image, improve the process of the target market consumer awareness, brand recognition and trust degree;
      Brand recession refers to the process of brand exit from the market.
      Brand life cycle incubation period
      As brands and products are two different concepts, many brands may be accompanied by the growth and decline of products, but more brands, products, bosses changed several generations, but the brand is still that brand. Like General Motors, Ford, Panasonic, the emperors of the Ming Dynasty and the Qing Dynasty were in this situation. The focus of the project will be discussed with the brand. Brand brand is still in the incubation period was the main work stage, this stage is in the design, production, sales of coordination between, make full market investigation, to ensure that the product can meet the needs of consumers, popular in the market.
      Some people believe that this period of research and development of products should be as much as possible, the market research should be as meticulous as possible. Only after ensuring that the product has a certain advantage can you push it to the market, otherwise it will be difficult to build brands. The introduction of new products is ultimately risky, so many enterprises have to conduct careful marketing research on products in order to minimize risks. In order to really understand the market, a Japanese car factory sent their research team to live in a village. The task of these people is to evaluate the driving environment of a car. They let residents use their cars to understand the information they feed back, and then integrate the information into the study. The Benz Corp has designed talent for better quality and lower cost, and has recruited talent, and even invited specialists in fluid power, such as American psychologists, psychologists, businessmen, etc.. New models from research, design, to make models, each link, each part must be measured and tested with the most scientific instruments, and fine to measure the air resistance coefficient when moving. When the car is smaller than the old, more secure, more strong, new models more comfortable Benz after the listing, orders poured. The huge manpower and material resources invested by Benz Corp for its product innovation make it get a great return from the market. Its market share is continuously improving, and its competitive power is becoming stronger and stronger.
      However, in the market competition, the opportunity is very valuable. Therefore, the other view is that the market is changing very rapidly and can not tolerate too much intensive product research. If the development period is too long, when the product is developed, it may be outdated products. Therefore, as long as have the basic conditions, you can put the products into the market, then according to consumer feedback to reform, such a step by step to make products tend to stereotypes, the brand will build up. Although there may be some conflicts among consumers, it will eventually be accepted by consumers.
      Brand life cycle
      From the incubation period to the growth phase, the brand needs to gradually increase investment to make it grow and develop gradually. At this point, the quality of the product that represents the brand must be fully guaranteed. After-sales service should pay attention to perfection. Advertising, promotion and other brand packaging methods can be used in combination. In short, the main goal of this period is to build momentum and prepare for its growth. This stage requires a large number of promotional activities, supplemented by a certain advertising campaign.
      I. excellent functional quality
      As a brand carrier products, must have good functional quality, that is, in this regard, there are places to attract consumers. This is the most basic condition for a brand to succeed. A sample, for free use by consumers, will be difficult if consumers find that they are unable to meet their needs
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